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Friday, February 27, 2015

There is rarely a day when I am not on my feet. Between commuting into the city for school/work and running around town for the blog, I basically never need the gym again (just kidding... I'm totally dreaming). But regardless, being constantly on-the-go requires extra comfort and convenience when it comes to style. To battle this year's harsh winter, my go-to commuting outfit includes an oversized coat and a reliable pair of sneakers. I thank the fashion gods for creating the sporty-chic trend, mostly because it gives me an excuse to wear running gear as a style statement. The result is a travel look that is both easy and chic, without the sweatpants.

Earbuds: c/o Ankit Earphones | Coat: Forever 21 (similar) 
Top: Calvin Klein (similar) | Jeans: American Eagle | Sneakers: Nike
Bag: H&M (similar here) | Shades: KickFlys

I'm sure I'm not alone in this commuting lifestyle, so I've photographed and listed some of my on-the-go essentials to share with you. Let me know what else you would add to the mix:

1. Earbuds/phone (+ charger). These necessities just make those long commutes easier. I traded in my Apple earphones for this Ankit pair because the buds are much easier to handle -- I lasted a nine-hour plane ride without any discomfort!

2. Crossbody bag. For that hands-free, easy commute.

3. Quality sneakers. Keep your feet happy on the go. You'll thank yourself later.

4. Watch (c/o Rakani). A practical yet chic accessory. Why not?

5. Camera. For all my fellow Instagram addicts. You can find a great photo anywhere.

6. Hand cream. And any of your other beauty necessities, especially for the winter. Pocket-sized, please!

7. Sunglasses. Either to fight the glare or hide your exhausted eyes. Or to use as a cute prop next to your morning coffee Instagram pic.

Let me know what your on-the-go essentials are in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, it's amazing!

  2. love those shoes.
    i have many of these same things with me all the time.. doesn't hurt to have a huge purse ;)

  3. Perfect look, love your coat. *__*
    Have a nice weekend...

  4. Love this look! Your coat is perfect and Nike sneakers are always a fave! That's pretty much the only sneakers I would ever wear!

  5. I love the coat...looking fantastic.

  6. These indeed are the must items in bag every day of the week! Lovely outfit, your coat is gorgeous!

  7. Such a fan of that camera! It's definitely worth the price :)

  8. Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous, the coat is beautiful. Agreed with this post, confortable shoes are always helpful.

  9. I definitely agree and am glad for the sporty chic look because it gives us a break from being girly all the time! I envy you and your coat collection, it's fab!

    Love, Karina
    Check out my new video!

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