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Monday, January 27, 2014

Zara jacket | Hollister jeans | H&M booties & bag | MAC Rebel lipstick

Yesterday was officially the first day of a new semester! I don't start my new internship until next week, so I took advantage of my free time yesterday to take some photos. I think I'm getting the hang of this tripod/remote thing. Anyway, I decided to throw on my new mixed media jacket from Zara for my class last night. I love the placement of the faux leather accents that make for an edgier look.

Since I was commuting across the city, I wanted to create a casual look with a touch of class. Although I was just wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, the low-heeled booties and sock bun make this outfit a little less relaxed. Who says comfort can't look chic? Speaking of comfort, I am actually glad I decided to step foot into Hollister again. I highly recommend that you try on a pair of their jeans. This is seriously the most comfortable pair of skinny pants I have ever owned. Wait for another sale, and I promise it will be worth it!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to try my best to post regularly despite the new semester. Talk to you soon :)

Since most of these were sale items, I couldn't find the exact pieces online. See below for similar products that you can shop for now!

Nothing to Wear | Shades of Grey

Friday, January 24, 2014

Nordstrom BP. shades | Zara top & skirt

The snow-covered posts are back! The Northeast has been experiencing quite a winter lately, including this monster snowstorm that I fortunately missed while in Miami. Needless to say I was not prepared for these arctic temperatures. As expected, I have recovered my dark winter outfits beginning with this grey monochrome look. These pieces are part of my huge post-holiday shopping spree, especially at Zara. It's honestly impossible for me to resist their winter clearance.

For this outfit, I was aiming to create a mix of athleticism, edge, and femininity. While this skirt's ruffle adds the obvious girly touch, its most interesting aspect is the asymmetry. Why not create the high-low effect from left to right? I loved the effect of this skirt so much that I also bought it in navy (ps. I'm a Zara addict). I also liked this sporty feel of this sweatshirt and its ever-so-relevant statement, "Nothing to Wear". Who else gets this feeling every day while choosing what to wear? It's quite a strange situation. I chose this top to toughen up the more classy skirt. It's always fun to blend different styles to create one unique look.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll talk to you soon!

Travel Diary: Palm Beach 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For the second half of the trip, my friend took us to her home in Palm Beach! What I enjoyed most about this town was its sense of serenity. Regardless of where we went, I  felt relaxed and at peace. The classic Floridian architecture in Palm Beach is just beautiful as well. I wish New York City could boast all these wonderful colors! 

Perhaps the best part about visiting Palm Beach was spending time at my friend's house. Some highlights include daily movie nights, amazing home cooked meals and desserts, swimming in her pool, and driving the golf cart around the neighborhood. These are just some small things I rarely get to experience up in the Northeast. As far as my travels through Palm Beach, see below for some highlights:

City Place in West Palm Beach

Shopping & dining all in a beautifully built centerplace

Cely & Chelsea!

Sloan's Ice Cream at City Place - See "Cookie Monster" below!

The fountain at City Place

An overview of City Place

Chelsea's beautiful pool

Delray Beach, Florida

A lovely beach town featuring shops, restaurants, cafes, and an art fair at the time

Delray Beach

The sunset from the bridge at Delray Beach

Back in Miami:

The Huarache dish at Talavera. 

My first time having authentic Mexican food! It was delish!

That about wraps up my travel diaries for this trip. I hope you've enjoyed this little snippet of my travels, and I hope I've inspired any of you who are interested in visiting Miami/Palm Beach! I had an absolutely lovely time. I'll be back soon with another outfit post. I'm shivering just thinking about the amount of layers I will have to wear back home...

Travel Diary: Miami 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

South Beach, Miami

My roommate Cely and I enjoying the warmth (it's been a while)!

Lincoln Road: the main street in South Beach for shopping & dining

On the boardwalk off Lincoln Road

Palm trees at night on Lincoln Road (our dinner restaurant Maya is peeking behind)

A calamari appetizer at Maya Tapas and Grill, Lincoln Road

The University of Miami - where we stayed with our friend Chelsea

The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

This stop was absolutely stunning. The Vizcaya estate was built in the early 1900s as the winter home of businessman James Deering. It originally occupied 180 acres, with about 50 still remaining. The mansion itself is beautiful with a center courtyard and heavily ornate rooms. The area surrounding the house displays amazing landscapes, gardens, and structures including a tea house and an old barge. See below for details:

The back of the estate

The tea house

The gardens off the South Terrace

Miami has been the perfect escape from the currently frigid climate of the Northeast. There is something about warmth, palm trees, and ocean views that instantly boost my mood. So far, my favorite experience has been the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. Upon sight of the "backyard" (if you can even call it that), Cely and I attracted too much attention with our "WOW"s. The estate is truly stunning and definitely a must-see for anyone who visits Miami. The pictures can't even do it justice.

I hope you've enjoyed this snippet of my trip so far! I'm off to a different location in Florida for the weekend, so stay tuned for more photos. In the mean time, follow me in Instagram (here) for more updates. Talk to you soon!

Tartan Pants

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Does anyone else think the sun made an awesome contribution to this next photo??

H&M pants | Sheinside cardigan | Uniqlo turtleneck | Forever 21 necklace

Hi there! I’m currently writing to you from my local airport, where I’m waiting to board a flight to Miami! By the time you read this, I will have already landed, so look out for some travel photos soon ;) Frankly, I’m most excited to escape the horrible weather we’ve been having here. Spring/summer clothing, here I come!

Ironically, today’s outfit is completely opposite of what I’ll be wearing in Miami. As I’m sure you’ve seen, plaid has been quite popular this season. I absolutely love this pair of tartan pants from H&M because it’s a subtle example of the trend. Too add to the winter mix, I threw on this Sheinside cardigan that adds a cozy texture to the look. You may remember it from one of my posts in December. Yes, repeating is OK (if not encouraged)! Since my recent posts have been quite simple, I wanted to create an interesting look with prints, textures, and jewelry accents. I also want to start going out of my minimal comfort zone by playing with brighter colors and pairing unconventional prints. Any suggestions on where to start?

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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Breaking the Fog

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zara faux leather jacket | H&M blouse | Forever 21 maxi skirt

Yesterday's fog and rain were prime examples of the strange weather we've been having here. From arctic temperature drops to humid rain showers, the tri-state area has been experiencing it all. These photos were part of a spontaneous shoot during the calm of the storm. While the weather created difficulties for driving, it actually turned out quite perfect for this quick shoot. The fog allowed for a bold contrast with my red maxi skirt, and the wind created some lovely movement in my outfit. It was actually a quite lovely break before the storm, though also short-lived.

Since it was unusually warm and humid, I decided to wear this bold chiffon maxi skirt. Especially in the summer, its lightness is perfect for easy movement. The faux leather jacket juxtaposes the skirt's loud color to make it more suitable for winter. The blend of edgy and feminine pieces creates an effect that perfectly exhibits of my style. This may be my last post before my trip (wink wink), so expect some travel diaries coming up, hopefully! Thanks for stopping by, and I'll talk to you from a new location soon!

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Striped in Berry & Black

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cotton On furry vest | Forever 21 blouse | American Apparel riding pants | H&M booties

I apologize for all the snowy backgrounds! The weekend I decided to shoot outfits in bulk just happened to experience a massive snowstorm as well. I do like how the snow creates a contrast in color from my dark winter looks though. 3 down, 1 to go!

Since it's been so cold and snowy, I wanted to be both comfortable and chic. There's nothing better on a gross winter day than these American Apparel riding pants. Their material is thick enough to help me brave the Northeastern chill, but the high waist and button details make them trendier than leggings. Another huge thanks to my roommate for the 50% off discount! As much as I love American Apparel, I just can't justify spending the money on their products. What do you think?

I decided to pair the riding pants with a chiffon top striped in black and what I like to call "berry". I refuse to accept the fact that the holidays are over. This berry color reminds me of Christmas, although I surrounded it with black pieces to add some edge to the holiday spirit. How have you been spending the first week of 2014? Let me know in the comments below!

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