Breaking the Fog

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zara faux leather jacket | H&M blouse | Forever 21 maxi skirt

Yesterday's fog and rain were prime examples of the strange weather we've been having here. From arctic temperature drops to humid rain showers, the tri-state area has been experiencing it all. These photos were part of a spontaneous shoot during the calm of the storm. While the weather created difficulties for driving, it actually turned out quite perfect for this quick shoot. The fog allowed for a bold contrast with my red maxi skirt, and the wind created some lovely movement in my outfit. It was actually a quite lovely break before the storm, though also short-lived.

Since it was unusually warm and humid, I decided to wear this bold chiffon maxi skirt. Especially in the summer, its lightness is perfect for easy movement. The faux leather jacket juxtaposes the skirt's loud color to make it more suitable for winter. The blend of edgy and feminine pieces creates an effect that perfectly exhibits of my style. This may be my last post before my trip (wink wink), so expect some travel diaries coming up, hopefully! Thanks for stopping by, and I'll talk to you from a new location soon!


  1. Love that skirt!


  2. I really love that skirt on you, it's such a great shade of red! I can't wait til it's cold enough in Australia so I can break out my leather jacket too, haha :)

  3. Absolutely adore the skirt love! & I agree with how the fog created a bold contrast. It's such a classy yet casual outfit! <3



  4. That skirt looks great on you! Have fun in the sun this week ;)

    witsicle - a personal style blog

  5. What a beautiful colour, such a lovely deep shade. Love the contrast between the skirt and the jacket.

  6. Such a gorgeous skirt and a lovely outfit! Happy it seems to be warming up a bit over there. I love rainy/humid weather personally! :)

    xo freshfizzle

  7. I love the skirt so much!


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