Travel Diary: Palm Beach 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For the second half of the trip, my friend took us to her home in Palm Beach! What I enjoyed most about this town was its sense of serenity. Regardless of where we went, I  felt relaxed and at peace. The classic Floridian architecture in Palm Beach is just beautiful as well. I wish New York City could boast all these wonderful colors! 

Perhaps the best part about visiting Palm Beach was spending time at my friend's house. Some highlights include daily movie nights, amazing home cooked meals and desserts, swimming in her pool, and driving the golf cart around the neighborhood. These are just some small things I rarely get to experience up in the Northeast. As far as my travels through Palm Beach, see below for some highlights:

City Place in West Palm Beach

Shopping & dining all in a beautifully built centerplace

Cely & Chelsea!

Sloan's Ice Cream at City Place - See "Cookie Monster" below!

The fountain at City Place

An overview of City Place

Chelsea's beautiful pool

Delray Beach, Florida

A lovely beach town featuring shops, restaurants, cafes, and an art fair at the time

Delray Beach

The sunset from the bridge at Delray Beach

Back in Miami:

The Huarache dish at Talavera. 

My first time having authentic Mexican food! It was delish!

That about wraps up my travel diaries for this trip. I hope you've enjoyed this little snippet of my travels, and I hope I've inspired any of you who are interested in visiting Miami/Palm Beach! I had an absolutely lovely time. I'll be back soon with another outfit post. I'm shivering just thinking about the amount of layers I will have to wear back home...


  1. ohh I miss Miami...
    So stunning pics!!! I love this post sweetie
    The Indian Savage Diary

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    1. oh wow that looks so amazing! wish i could be there,too:(

  3. So extremely jealous of your travel photos! I wish I was in palm beach! Hope you had fun babe! Enjoy the weather before you come back to 10 degree weather..haha


  4. Love this post babe! So jealous that you got to enjoy the sun a little. I should do more lifestyle posts >< haha. This makes me wanna leave Michigan and just go travel now. You look so pretty in that red skirt btw. <3



  5. I LOVE your maxi! Looks like a great vacay! Palm Beach looks gorgeous, if not a bit like California (the beach definitely looks better though!)

    xo freshfizzle


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