Mount Desert Island, Maine: A Visual Diary

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

As home to Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island is the largest island off the coast of Maine and one of the most beautiful locations I've been able to visit. I touched on the magic of this region in my last post, but needless to say there is more to its beauty than just the sky's colors. 

On this long weekend trip, my family and I ventured to experience the island from all angles -- by land, air, and sea. Between stunning summit views, rocky beaches, and crystal clear waters, I'm not sure any words can accurately depict the region's landscape. For that reason I'm letting the photos of this post lead the way, but don't worry, I won't conclude it without adding some personal travel tips should you ever decide to visit Mount Desert Island. And I highly recommend that you do.

Golden Hour on Cadillac Mountain

Monday, May 15, 2017

In every new destination there is a distinct quality with which I remember it by the most, as if one dominant experience helps create a snapshot of a location in my memory. Shortly after arriving home from a long weekend on Maine's Mount Desert Island, I already know how I'll remember this magical region -- by its golden hours.

Mount Desert Island is known to be the first place where sunrise is visible in the continental United States for at least half the year. With Cadillac Mountain standing as the highest point on the North Atlantic seaboard, naturally it serves as the prime location to view both sunrise and sunset. I've seen my fair share of beautiful skies in the past, but nothing compares to the moment when soft sunshine spills over Acadia National Park's stunning landscapes.

Much to my family's surprise, I woke up every morning on this trip to watch the sun rise outside our hotel balcony. Ask me to wake up at 4:45 AM on a normal day and I'll laugh, but those who follow me on Instagram will know the magic of a Maine sunrise. Likewise when sunset came around, we waited over an hour atop Cadillac Mountain's summit for the strongest colors to paint the sky. 

Maybe it seems trivial to describe a location by its sunrises/sets, but I think it speaks to the magic of Mount Desert Island. It is a place where all of nature's beauty meets to create an escape you didn't realize you needed. It is a place of pure bliss, and I'm already waiting for the day I get to go back.

Healthy Mind, Strong Body: One Month of YogaWorks

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Now that May has arrived, it's about that time when we start scrambling to make up for a season's worth of hibernating. Unless you worked out all winter, and in that case, I admire you. While I'm not by any means a fitness guru, I do understand the immediate health effects of working out on my aging body and the opportunity I still have to improve. Cue yoga, my favorite way to get back in shape after an exercise slump.

I spent the majority of April getting back on my feet with the help of YogaWorks, a studio with locations both throughout New York City and nationwide. There is a countless number of workout class offerings just in this city (and I've tried quite a few), but what stands out about YogaWorks is its openness to all people and levels. After a long season of slacking off on exercise, I still felt confident about myself in these classes. That, to me, is the most important thing when it comes to body health -- feeling good from the inside out. What better method than yoga to strengthen your mind and body at the same time?

So I've geared up in my Boohoo FIT workout wear and finally taken steps to re-include regular exercise into my weekly routine. It always feels easier when you're surrounded by other motivated people in class and instructors who can guide you along the way. It's all about baby steps. 

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