Summer at Storm King

Monday, August 29, 2016

In November of last year, my sister Erin and I took a day trip upstate to Storm King Art Center and quickly fell in love. With 500 acres of art and nature to explore, it was an easy choice of destination for our last weekend together before she leaves for college. 

Nostalgia is imminent you think about how quickly time passes. In just less than a year since our first visit, I was completing my college career and my sister had only just applied. And much like the scenery here between late fall to summer, things have changed since then at the blink of an eye. Though with any passing of time, the strength in our sisterhood has always been constant. So I wish her all the best as she begins a new chapter in her life and cannot wait to look back on even more changes on our next visit to the art center. Here's to change, growth, and the constants that keep us grounded.

Date Night

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The sunset rolled in as we dined over a quiet, familiar meal. The streets of West Village remained uncrowded, allowing for the kind of peaceful stroll that is not always welcomed in this city. We shared an ice cream cone for two, a scoop of Honeycomb for him and Earl Grey for me. The slightest summer breeze crept in as night fell and we returned uptown hand-in-hand. Sweet simplicity at its finest.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Knotted, layered, or half-tucked, there is no shortage of variations when it comes to styling the classic button-down shirt. The best wardrobe pieces are those that evolve with you, like the close friend you've had since middle school. A perfectly-fitting button-down shirt is one you can keep forever. 

I took my newest button-down from the office to the weekend with a pair of distressed girlfriend jeans and my favorite everyday mules. Despite the beaming sunshine, the light cotton of this top kept things comfortable with the rooftop breeze. It's safe to say that classics never disappoint. 

Stars & Laces

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Despite the ongoing heatwave here in New York, my mind is starting to shift to the imminent transition into fall. As much as I love the summertime, the saunas that are this city's metro stations have me ready for a cool autumn breeze.

Shopping for the seasonal transition means selecting pieces that can take on freezing mornings, toasty afternoons, and for me, the office environment. I love the subtle print on this maxi that shows just enough skin to get away with at work. With its breezy side slits and autumnal shade of green, I'll be taking this dress from desk to dinner, summer to fall.

The Midi

Monday, August 15, 2016

To any of my fellow readers who shop for extended sizes, I'm sure you can agree that we are skimped out on when it comes to selections. As a petite shopper I find I am often offered the baseline of product without much of a fashion selection mixed in. But when a retailer like Banana Republic offers a full petites line within its collection, I am instantly a fan.

With petites collections I like to experiment with trends that aren't regularly meant for my body type (ie. the midi skirt). As long as you feel good in what you wear, nothing should stop you from rocking it. I love the movement of this piece and its ability to be styled both up and down. In this case, I dressed it down to take on a steamy day in the suburbs. 

Long Island City

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Among the places I frequent on a New York City weekend, Long Island City seems to be at the top. My boyfriend's brother has lived on this western edge of Queens for years and never fails to host a rooftop barbecue or game night to entice us over -- not to mention his three adorable dogs as well. 

I think I enjoy this area for the same reasons I love my Upper West neighborhood. Both are quietly residential without straying far from the center of New York's vibrancy. This past weekend we took a short (but sweaty) walk to LIC's Gantry Plaza State Park overlooking Manhattan's eastern skyline. It is amazing how quickly this area has transformed from a warehouse-ridden industrial hub to every young professional's new sparkling home. The lure for outside visitors is not quite there yet, but there's no telling what Long Island City will become.  

A New York Sunday

Monday, August 8, 2016

You could live in New York for fifty years and still not see everything. That's the beauty of this dynamic city. One World Trade Center has been on my family's to-do list since its opening, so for their 24th wedding anniversary my parents decided to finally make the trip. 

At a time when waves of tragic events start desensitizing us, a visit like this is almost necessary to bring us back to reality. Beyond spectacular observatory views, what used to be the WTC Plaza offers an emotional reminder of 9/11's continued significance. Follow along for a visual recap of our day spent exploring, remembering, and celebrating. 


Thursday, August 4, 2016

I have friends who tell me I'm always away; a.k.a. if it's not a work day, I'm probably out of the city. It's funny how people (myself included) are always searching for more, as if there is always something better elsewhere. In many ways I do believe we need appreciation for what we have - family, friends, stability. But it's that hunger for more that keeps curiosity alive.

Contrary to the norm, we did not visit the beach in Cape May until evening. I personally never see travel as an opportunity to relax all day. I can do so from my bed with Netflix if I truly wanted to. Travel, even if that means a short car ride away, is a beautiful opportunity to experience the unfamiliar. As a part of Corporate America, breaking away from daily norms is immensely important to me. So yes, as much as I believe in appreciating all that deserves to be, curiosity is never something to shy away from.

One Day in Cape May

Monday, August 1, 2016

When my boyfriend and I started dating, our first trip together was a spring break weekend in the charming town of Cape May. Four years later, we returned for a day trip that reminded us why we love this little Jersey escape so much.

With its iconic Victorian architecture and quaint bed-and-breakfast scene, Cape May is the anomaly of the notorious Jersey Shore beaches. Even in its peak season there is a sense of tranquility, making you feel far removed from the tri-state area. Read on for a full recap of our day in this lovely seaside town:

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