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Thursday, October 20, 2016

A peer recently asked me what I enjoy doing for fun, and the first word that came to mind was exploring. Despite being a broad term, it encompasses everything I value when it comes to "leisure" time. Being in a city like New York fortunately makes this an accessible hobby. This past weekend my boyfriend and I hit three boroughs in one day as we traveled around for food, views, and company.

In a city as busy as New York, cold weather layers are only fun until you head indoors to find yourself juggling a coat on one arm. Especially when traveling, such a small thing can still hinder your focus on the actual travels. Thankfully Covert has developed the perfect accessory to keep you prepared for anything the day may bring.

There is no doubt that I live in leather jackets when fall comes around, and one that adds function to style is a win in my book. This Covert piece transforms between a timeless layering piece and a convenient drawstring bag that still has room for your personal items. The switch between both is easy, and your day is instantly easier.

Wandering Williamsburg

Monday, October 17, 2016

Williamsburg, Brooklyn: the neighborhood with charming restaurants on not-so-charming streets. Since moving uptown my trips to the eclectic neighborhood have become less frequent, but each time I make the journey it's always worth the ride. 

These days Williamsburg is reaching its peak of gentrification, but what I love most (other than the thriving culinary scene) are the lingering indications of its artistic, dare I say hipster days. Despite being a hub for young millennials and brunch connoisseurs, the Brooklyn neighborhood is still far from refined. Its streets are lined with unoccupied, run-down buildings like this pale blue spot that carry a history of which we have no knowledge. That is the quiet beauty of Wiliamsburg -- the marks from years past that have no clear origins, yet continue to tell the story of this continuously evolving place.

Coffee Shop Corners: NYC

Thursday, October 13, 2016

When I spend the night at my boyfriend's place, he wakes up an hour earlier than his usual to grab coffee with me before heading to the train. It becomes an opportunity to discover the cafés of Jersey City and an extra fifteen minutes in the morning that we get to spend together. As cheesy as it sounds, coffee has a way of connecting people. Quick café plans turn into deep conversation and suddenly you're sipping on your third cup as the hours pass.

I share a lot snippets from my life on Instagram that never make it to the blog, so here's a little visual compilation of some of my favorite coffee shop moments from New York City. Cheers to the laughter, conversation, and memories that follow a simple latté. What small moments mean the most to you?

A New York Day Trip to Dia:Beacon

Monday, October 10, 2016

The way I see it, rainy weekends in New York create just as much opportunity for adventure as those with blue skies. My boyfriend and I had intended to go apple picking on Sunday, but an extra gloomy morning re-routed us on a Metro North train up the Hudson Valley to Beacon, NY.

When you hop off the train at Beacon Station, you'll notice that most of your fellow passengers are headed in the same direction -- towards Dia:Beacon. As a 300 square foot contemporary art museum housed in a former printing factory, this site has been at the top of my must-see list. Each gallery is created to feature the work of a specific artist, with my (obvious) favorite being Dan Flavin's fluorescent creations. I'm no expert on modern art, but I'm always up for an artistically unique experience. 

The clouds cleared up just as we left the museum, and we finished off our day strolling along Beacon's waterfront. Surrounded by lush mountainside and only the sound of the Hudson River, we concluded our weekend with the best that autumn has to offer.

A Little 70's

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I didn't realize how much I loved this outfit until I spent a day in it. I purchased this top months ago and let it wait in my closet until the annual New York heat wave died down. Now that it's autumn, give me some bell sleeves and I'll be twirling all around the concrete jungle.

You know those style quizzes that place you into a certain "type of girl"? The Modern Girl, The Classic, The Bohemian Babe. I don't feel like I fit completely into any of those, and I don't think anyone should have to. As much as I love my leather jackets and weekend athleisure, I'll just as happily bring out my inner 70s chick with a pair of flares and free-flowing sleeves. 

The final touch to this look? The bucket bag that carries it all. I spent a day in the city fully equipped with my DSLR camera and typical bag necessities without needing to carry anything oversized. You could never tell, but everything fit perfectly into this bag that I've now been wearing on repeat.

The Mom Jean

Monday, October 3, 2016

Denim is having a moment right now and I've found my favorite kind. I picked up my first pair of mom jeans in a blue wash this summer and after my first wear immediately went back for black. There is something perfect about this un-restricting, curve-friendly denim trend -- something called natural.

I won't go on a lengthy lecture about body image, but I will thank mom jeans for accommodating my leg shape and my former dancer thighs for filling them out. The style world isn't just about skinny jeans anymore, and I get the sense that most women are loving it. With trend resurgences happening every second, it is much easier to find a unique pair of pants or jeans that both look and feel good. Revolutionary, right? Sarcasm intended. 

Regardless, here's to not only embracing, but also accentuating your body's quirks. Getting dressed is more fun that way.

Fall Florals

Monday, September 26, 2016

It is typically unlike me to wear color in three consecutive posts, but hey I'll roll with it for now. Lately I've been trading my daily monochrome tendencies for some injections of deeper color palettes, mostly out of excitement for the new season.

As much as I'm personally ready for fall, my wardrobe isn't exactly on track. Is anyone else always behind on preparing for the first chill of the season? This is when recycling summer favorites comes in handy. The arrival of autumn is no reason to immediately store away those warm weather pieces, and in this case I'm taking full advantage of my olive florals. To keep this cold-shoulder dress weather-appropriate, I've added on a light utility jacket to continue the olive palette with an autumn touch. A little layering goes a long way.

In The Garden

Thursday, September 22, 2016

My boyfriend and I spent the last official weekend of summer away from the urban jungle at the New York Botanical Garden. Though still within the boroughs of the city, the garden seemed worlds away. With a span of 250 acres, it felt virtually empty at almost every corner - with the exception of the Conservatory's beer tasting event, of course.

The sun beamed down through the cloudless sky, making it seem as if autumn wasn't just around the corner. It was just the two of us, sipping on autumnal beers and strolling through rows of flowers that had just passed their peak bloom but still retained their beauty. It was a perfectly bittersweet farewell to summer and a welcoming hello to fall.

Autumnal Musings

Monday, September 19, 2016

Though it doesn't quite feel like it yet, autumn is (finally) just three days away. Is anyone else also overwhelmed by the fact that September is two weeks from ending? A new season is around the corner, and a new month is close behind. I'm personally more than happy to welcome the newness as a reminder to continue progressing.

This has been my first officially year spent adulting, and it's safe to say I've had my fair share of both highs and lows. There are times when I find myself getting wrapped up in the monotony of urban working life, a feeling I never want to make permanent. 

When we're students it feels like everyone pushes us to do more - learn more, participate in more, and experience more. It's funny how once we leave school we become our only motivators, and suddenly we appreciate those external pressures. As the new season approaches, I've committed to taking some unfamiliar classes and continuing to make time for new experiences even when it feels like I have none. Here's to finishing out the year on the highest note yet. What are you looking forward to this fall?

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