A Valentine's Staycation

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Of all the holidays, Valentine's Day probably makes the top three of most stressful. With floods of couples on social media and Netflix rom-coms pulling at our heartstrings, we often feel the pressure to make this year's celebration more lavish than the last. I am no stranger to this attempt at planning the world's best Valentine's date, but sometimes we need to step back to remember the meaning behind this holiday. Whether you are spending it with a significant other or your best friend, there is no need to break the bank to do so. This year, try bringing the celebration to the comfort of your own home with a Valentine's staycation. After all, showing appreciation to someone you love doesn't require a five-star restaurant reservation.

Candle & matches: c/o Natural Life | Book: It by Alexa Chung 
Nail Polish: c/o Trust Fund Beauty | Tray: options herehere, & here

The best part about a staycation is that you can personalize it in any way you desire. I've listed my personal essentials for an at-home Valentine's celebration below. Feel free to let me know what you would add!

1. Breakfast in bed. Nothing starts off a relaxing day like a homemade breakfast in bed. If you're with a significant other, I guarantee you'll earn brownie points for such a nice gesture.

2. Scented candles. In addition to their lovely scents, Natural Life candles brighten the room with encouraging messages on the holders. This one in particular is the perfect gift to show your appreciation for someone with its loving note. Why not add a touch of positivity to your living space?

3. A good book. Alexa Chung's It is an easy read, but an entertaining one nonetheless. A light read like this keeps the drama out of the relaxing holiday while maintaining the positive vibes. 

4. Spa treatments. Pamper yourself. Paint your nails or try a new makeup look. There is something refreshing about at-home beauty treatments, especially when you give yourself the time to do them. 

5. Tea and chocolates. Finish off the day in the most relaxing way possible. If you're with someone else, take this time to reminisce about the lovely (and inexpensive!) day you've just had. The tea and chocolates will only add to the coziness of the setting.

However you celebrate, I wish you a wonderful and loving Valentine's Day! Let me know how you'll be celebrating in the comments below. 


  1. This is one of the best post and my favourite. Very inspirational. http://sophialastyles.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Such a beautiful post, love this pictures. ^^
    Have a nice week...

  3. I'm definitely doing a staycation for Valentine's Day! Love these tips so I'll definitely keep those in mind for Valentine's Day! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Ahhh great post! Now I'm craving waffles!!!

    Love, Wendy from http://collegecheese.com

  5. yes yes yes!!! i love this staycation idea!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. I'm definitely a staycation type of girl for vday. I was thinking about making dinner for the boo but might have to make breakfast in bed too!


  7. This list is so amazing! I want a staycation!! <3 And I really am craving some tea and chocolates now too :D
    -Ally Gong

    1. Pajamas + Netflix is all I need! Haha thanks Ally :)

  8. AW this is so cute Christina! And I really love that candle "when I count my blessings, I count you twice." I'm totally gonna use that line on my boyfriend tomorrow lol.

    xx freshfizzle


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