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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

There are tons of things that scare me, but style is never one of them. As a blogger I've learned to force myself into comfort when seemingly overdressed in public. Take this shoot as an example. Despite how it seems, I'm in the suburbs where monochrome outfits don't exist, blocking confused onlookers from crossing this bridge while I keep my serious camera face on. The overall situations of my shoots are not unlike those in real life. If the occasion allows for it, simply out of preference I will dress to the nines -- because I can. 

Coat: Zara (similar here)

To my fellow bloggers and fashionistas, how often has your outfit been questioned simply because you're rocking a statement dress while everyone else is in a t-shirt and jeans? I've had my fair share of experiences. When style is accompanied by fear, it loses the element of expression. I propose that as long as the situation allows for it, dress up when you want and however you want. 

With the cold temperatures around the corner, I'm using every possible opportunity to wear my new favorite lace-up heels and the last of my summer skirts -- even if that means on a walk in the park. You can't please everyone, so you might as well be happy with yourself.


  1. I totally understand you, Christina, haha. My outfit's always getting a double take and people stand and watch like it's a show when we're taking pictures! First it was weird, but now it's just a norm. I love this outfit though! Your shoes are gorgeous <3

    xx, Diane || http://www.dizined.com

    1. Your outfits are always fabulous Diane!! Haha keep up the awesome work :)

  2. I totally know what you feel! I go to a fashion school in the city so my look is just okay but I originally live in the suburbs too. Whenever I go home I get a "look". I was once shopping for a new laptop in a mall back home with my younger brother, and while walking my brother said that those girls we just passed look at me from head to toe. And I just told him "stylish girls always get those looks" :D


  3. Gorgeous! I love the soft stripes and the location you shot at. You look great as usual.


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  5. Oh the feels on this post! Every fashionista experienced those stares and silent laughs when we're too overdressed, but hell yeah we're rocking our outfits so here's a hair flip for them! Hahaha!

    By the way, I love your coat and lace ups. :)

    Love, Didi of Frances and Flair
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  6. I remember when I was totally into distressed things and my friends told me I looked homeless haha. But I didn't care because I was content with what I was wearing. You look so beautiful in this outfit so don't let anyone steal your thunder :)

    be the plebeian

  7. as i say all the time, i'd rather be overdressed than under! :D you work it, girl!!

    those shoes.. wear them with everything!! they look so good on you!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  8. OK this dress is way too cute and I love how you styled it with those lace up heels! Btw, everyone else is probably super jealous of your outfit and wish they weren't just in a tshirt and jeans :)


  9. The window pane dress is so cute, love the cape jacket you paired to keep it weather appropriate.

    xo Sheree

  10. Lau, you look gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean, every one in my town wears tshirts and nike shorts and I rarely wear that so people think it's weird that what I don't dress like that every day..haha

    The Style Roll

  11. Love ur dress, u look so chic, the sandals look perfect with the outfit :)
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    hugs, kanchan

  12. great outfit sweetie!!
    back to sending my love from the sandpit...

  13. You look so elegant and chic!
    I totally agree, you should not be fearful if you are interested in fashion! You put it so well when you say: "When style is accompanied by fear, it loses the element of expression"
    Wish you a wonderful week :-)

    Hugs www.blogbysine.blogspot.com <3

  14. Hi sweetie, I am loving this look and the location is perfect. I agree with you, lucky as I get older i feel more confident and as long as I love it and I feel comfortable I will wear it.
    I say yes dress up when you want and however you want.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  15. Nice look!!
    xx L.

  16. I really love your outfit Christina, all I can say is you nailed it again. Yay!

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  17. so in love with your Dress and those shoes

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  18. Wow.... this whole look is so elegant and minimal. Loving every piece of it!!

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  19. I love the matching set, so pretty! I'm always dressed up too, and I often get comments about it. People sometimes just don't understand how much fun dressing up can be! Love this post.
    xo Kiki

    1. Seriously, getting dressed is just too fun to avoid!! Thanks girl :)

  20. Loving your set and full look, great one.

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  22. You know, I was just thinking about the statement that you brought up in this post about overdressing. I had this same issue the other day when I was shooting a blog look. Sometimes onlookers can be annoying--it can make you feel self-conscious but the beauty about blogging is that it reduces those feeling to the point where you stop caring haha.


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  23. I couldn't have said this better myself! Especially when you're taking pictures in public on top of already being dressed nice, it can be intimidating but I've learned to rock it! Love this post and this outfit Christina!

    Love, Karina
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