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Thursday, August 20, 2015

One of my favorite things about living in New York is having the opportunity to meet people with passion. Amongst the city's crowds are individuals living their dreams, or fighting for them. Since moving here for college, I've had the chance to learn from many of these people and their stories, both in and out of the fashion industry. It is because of conversations like these that I measure success in happiness, in being able to live out the things for which I am passionate. 

Dress: c/o KAS New York | Sandals: Forever 21

In teaming up with KAS New York, I wanted to share the story behind their intricate products like this lovely summer dress. Based in the city, the brand's designer Kirat left a career in investment banking to pursue his love for fashion. His story is an inspiration for those who, like me, are in the midst of pursuing their dreams for the future. Instead of narrating for Kirat, I had the chance to ask him a few questions to share his ideas in his own words:

What was your inspiration behind the brand?

The inspiration behind the brand was to create a lifestyle I could relate to -- jet-setting, adventurous, and free-spirited. The fabrics and detailing had to be luxurious without making the product unattainable. At the end the goal is to have her desire it, purchase it, and cherish it.

What obstacles did you face in developing this brand, and how did you overcome them?

My friends from my past life in finance always tell me that I picked a very difficult industry. But I feel the industry picked me. I was born in it. I learned from my mother, who is my mentor and the challenges in the industry don't scare me, they excite me. They keep me young & energetic. I always said the day I stop enjoying what I'm doing, I'll leave it. Fortunately, that day hasn't come.

What advice do you have for those who are pursuing careers in the fashion industry?

To know what they are signing up for. If they feel making it means coming out with one amazing dress or one strong season, they are mistaken. This isn't a one-hit-wonder industry. You are only as good as your last season. You need to be innovative, able to adapt to change, and a resourceful partner for your clients.

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