A Girl's Getaway To The Hudson Valley

Thursday, November 2, 2017

I often feel like fall is the shortest season, with the warmth quickly turning to a chill and the leaves peaking in color for just a moment before falling. Instead of celebrating Halloweekend this year, my friends and I took a short drive up to the Hudson Valley to catch what may have been the last of this season's best foliage. Between colorful, sweeping views over upstate New York and an overall sense of calm, this was the kind of getaway I'll be sure to revisit each autumn.

We planned our weekend around Minnewaska State Park, where trails of all lengths and difficulty lead to some stunning views. For a productive half-day hike, I recommend this guide for a trail that hits waterfalls and various viewpoints. We also detoured through the Blueberry Run route on our way back, which led us through a more challenging and less-paved trail. This is a great detour for those looking for more adventure, but make sure to leave time before sunset. We ended up hiking through darkness, and it was not exactly the ideal situation (a.k.a. the adrenaline rush was REAL). 

Nearby Minnewaska is the small town of Ellenville, where we stayed in the most peaceful little Airbnb rental equipped with both a rowboat and fire pit to use. Despite a rainy second half of the weekend, enjoying the serenity of this lakeside neighborhood was enough to complete our trip. It seemed as if the rain gave more life to the leaves' colors, making for a vibrant drive home. Autumn truly is a beauty.

Photos of me taken by Sandra & Zoe


  1. It looks like an amazing getaway with your friends.
    Great shots too!
    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  2. Wow, this girl's getaway looks amazing! I am in awe of that beautiful fall landscape!


  3. Oh I love it all your photos are so relaxing darling
    The colors are amazing

  4. There's nothing like taking a road trip with your friends. The memories will last a life time. These are very crisp pictures, and the view is surreal.


  5. Looks like you had such a lovely time! These are some beautiful pictures! I love all the colors here.


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