5 Destinations For A Leisurely Weekend In The Hudson Valley

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Autumn is arguably the best time to visit New York's Hudson Valley, hence the reason this is my second consecutive blog post about the area. Despite summer allowing for sunny adventures on the water, fall brings out an explosion of color and temperatures that encourage both activity and relaxation. For anyone looking for an easy, stress-free weekend away from the city, this is the place to be.

My boyfriend and I were treated with a weekend stay at the Time Nyack, a uniquely designed boutique hotel located just an hour away from New York City. Using the hotel as a hub, its location is ideal when visiting other parts of the Hudson Valley. We ultimately made several stops throughout the region because of this convenience, visiting everything from an outdoor sculpture center to an apple orchard for cider tastings.

The Time Nyack

Located just off the highway, the Time Nyack is the perfect choice for those looking for both convenience and coziness. Though unassuming on the outside, its interior is decorated with thoughtfully eclectic design details that resonate in each room as well. We enjoyed a quiet night here after winding down from a day of activity, followed by a carb-filled breakfast in bed to start the day off slowly. Even the shortest of getaways from the city can make all the difference.

Blooming Hill Farm

Our first order of business on this weekend trip was to find food, of course. About a half-hour from Nyack is Blooming Hill Farm, a small but charming market that also includes a café serving both brunch and dinner. We went for the steak and eggs and winter squash pizza to fuel a remaining day of exploring.

Angry Orchard

Along the lines of delicious things, we ventured to Angry Orchard for cider tastings before the season officially ends. The orchard offers  free tastings of three different ciders and plenty more to do between food trucks, live music, and games. Despite the rainy weather, we thoroughly enjoyed sipping on our cider by the fire pit while listening to live music.

Storm King Art Center

I have written about Storm King twice before, and now made an annual visit for the past three years - it's safe to say I have a serious love for this place. For detailed recaps you can read my previous posts, but I always love how this sculpture center looks just a bit different each time. Even with some of the same art installations, its environment creates an ever-changing backdrop that is especially stunning in autumn. We spent a leisurely afternoon here strolling Storm King's massive fields, although this was definitely the most crowded I've ever seen it (I blame Master of None season two).

Bear Mountain State Park

After spending more time than expected at Storm King followed by a quick shopping stop at Woodbury Commons, we drove up to Bear Mountain's nearby summit to catch the sunset. If you have enough time I would highly recommend the hike up as well - it offers stunning views of the river and its surrounding environment with moderate difficulty. The park itself has something for everyone, with picnic areas, a lake for summertime boating, and an ice rink for winter skating.

What autumn adventures have you been on this year? Let me know in the comments below!


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  2. Your photos are so beautiful! Autumn in and around NYC looks so lovely, I have been seeing so many autumn posts , absolutely stunning :)


  3. The bear mountain park has always fascinated me for the views you get from there! Love all the pictures :)

  4. Ahhh this post is all sorts of autumn dreams! The leaves look so beautiful. Hope you had a lovely time, definitely have to make a trip up there :)


  5. Aw very interesting tips! These places look amazing and your photography is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your photographs are so beautiful! You have some serious skill, girl! I live reasonably close to the Hudson Valley and hope to do a trip like this in the near future! Thanks for sharing!


  7. this post is all sorts of autumn dreams!

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