Dolphins & Diving in Freeport, Bahamas

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oh sweet summer, how you start and end much too quickly. As I mentioned earlier, my best friend and I spent our last week of break cruising around the Bahamas with Norwegian. It was the perfect way to end a season of adventures and kick off my final semester as an undergraduate student. Our first stop was Freeport, where we swam with two amazing dolphins and relaxed under the warm Bahamian sun:

Disclaimer: This facility treats its animals with care and is one of three in the world that regularly take its dolphins into the open ocean. I understand the concerns with the animal treatment at facilities like SeaWorld and would not associate myself with businesses like it.

The highlight of our first stop was the dolphin swim, where we were given some personal time with the sweetest of marine animals. While swimming with the dolphins, they would dive and re-surface simultaneously with us, making the experience especially personal. It was a one-time excursion unlike any other, and I was especially happy to know that the facility is devoted to proper treatment of the animals (as mentioned above).

The rest of our day involved uninterrupted relaxation, something we all need from time to time. It was a nice change of pace as I am not typically one to enjoy prolonged periods of lounging. I am missing the serenity of the sea already as I prepare for a long day of work and class. It feels like I never left this busy NYC routine!

For a closer look inside our trip, check out the video below!

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