Mixing Prints in Monochrome

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Forever 21 top (similar here & here)
Zara skirt (from winter sale)
Daily Look heels (similar here)

Black & white doesn't have to be boring. I'm sure you've noticed by now that I gravitate towards a neutral color palette. It's the New Yorker in me. This doesn't mean that I don't love a fun outfit! Today I'm doing something I've never attempted before -- mixing prints. For those who may want to try this as well, don't worry! I've written out a few tips for you below:

1. Opposite sizes attract.

Choose a smaller print to compliment a larger, bolder print. In this case, I chose thin stripes for my top to match the larger floral print of my skirt. Wearing two different prints of the relatively same size can create an excessively busy look.

2. Commit to a color palette.

While I went with the simplest color choices, you can definitely mix prints with bolder hues as well! The key is to stick to colors that are relevant to each other. The prints should share color families whether it be in the background or in the print itself. This way, it won't look like you threw on random pieces from your closet in a rush.

3. Think about the accessories.

Since a mixture of prints often creates a busier look, you may want to use simpler accessories. I chose to wear a small gold necklace and heels that match the color palette to keep focus on the clothing. A bold piece of jewelry can work as long as it doesn't clash with the colors of your outfit. 

4. Be yourself!

While I can give you styling tips, I am in no way a dictator of your personal style! Dress the way you want, and feel confident in doing so. The way I mix prints is relevant to my simple-chic sense of style. If you're all about the contrasting colors and patterns, go for it! Fashion has evolved in a way that allows you to wear whatever you want, so take advantage! 


  1. Such a nice, laidback yet also chic look, Christina!! <3 Loving the skirt, especially. Thanks for those tips- will keep them in mind! xx

    Chic Nikkie

  2. Great use of print-on-print! I love your skirt. The print is really pretty <3


    1. Thank you Kylie!! I scored it from the Zara winter sale!

  3. Lovely print mixing and really great tips! Fantastic look!

    Neon Fox

  4. the heels are super cute~~

  5. I am a big fan of neutrals esp. the B&W palette ....so I am delighted to see this great look from you Lau! The skirt & heels are so divine!!


  6. I love the mixing, heels are so beautiful, skirt is perfect.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Wishing you a great weekend as well! Thank you!

  7. Thanks so much!! An awesome find from the Zara winter sale!

  8. Hi Christina,

    You already know how much I adore this outfit on you but I always enjoy seeing more pictures on your blog!:) I also enjoyed reading your tips! Have a great weekend babe!




  9. I love how you styled this outfit! I'm in love with your skirt and shoes! ^_^

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  10. love that you took the plunge and made the "mixing prints" work for you. you look great!

    love always,


  11. love the skirt and shoes! lovely blog


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