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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The sweet combination of Champagne and Mandarin in Commodity's Mimosa fragrance is all I need to kick off this Memorial Day weekend. If that doesn't appeal to your tastes, they offer nine other unique scents from Tea to Magnolia that just might. And don't worry, buying fragrances online is not as absurd as it sounds. Keep scrolling:

I'm sure you've had those moments when a perfume smells amazing until it hits your skin. Commodity takes the risk out of buying fragrances online by offering an at-home trial. With the "fitting kit", you can personally test out the entire collection and thus decide which scent is best for you to purchase as a full size:

A bonus that comes with these trial samples: travel convenience. I've laid out a few of my current favorite accessories below to put this into perspective. I'll be going away for a few days next week (spoiler alert), so these samples will be the perfect additions to my makeup bag. 

Be sure to check out Commodity (here) to find your perfect fragrance fit. I have no doubt that you will!


  1. That's a nice innovation,love the packaging as well.

  2. I love the packaging! Will surely check it out and see if I can find MY fragrance fit <3

  3. i like your images -- black and white and so classy!


  4. Love how they're travel sized and you can have a small trial with each of them! I wish I could smell them all!



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