4 Days in San Francisco: A Travel Guide

Thursday, July 6, 2017

It's been a long time coming, but this girl finally made her way to the Golden State of California. My cousins and I spent July 4th weekend in San Francisco, a city of rolling hills, a melting pot of cultures, and countless landmarks. I've been anxiously waiting to visit California for years now and always assumed San Francisco would be first on the list. Its diversity in all aspects gives the city a vibrancy similar to that of New York, but with a clearly more relaxed West Coast vibe. Any walk through its streets is no easy feat, but the experiences along the way are incomparable.

For my fellow first-time visitors, or anyone looking for that classic San Francisco experience, this post highlights the full itinerary from our long weekend. Be sure to stay to the end as I've recapped all our food choices together -- the most important part, of course. California, I hope to see you again soon!

  • Fillmore Street - For shopping, dining, and on this weekend, live concerts/food trucks.
  • Pacific Heights - The best neighborhood to admire SF's most beautiful (and expensive) homes.
  • Lyon Street Steps - An artistic site providing gorgeous views over the city (+ some exercise).
  • Palace Of Fine Arts - A beautiful historical structure providing a quintessential SF photo op.
  • 16th Avenue Tiled Steps - Worth the drive for an impressive neighborhood project of mosaics. 

Napa Valley Wine Tour 
(recap coming soon)

  • Alamo Square + The Painted Ladies - Full House, anyone? The opening sequence, that is.
  • The (Actual) Full House Residence - 1709 Broderick St., a 20-min walk from Alamo Square
  • Presidio + Chrissy Field - Admire the Golden Gate Bridge and explore its surrounding beaches.
  • The Mission - Clarion Alley Street Art, Dolores Park, and the best Mexican food in town. 

  • Pier 39 + Fisherman's Wharf - Likely the most tourist-driven area, but worth the seaside stroll.
  • Chinatown - One of the first and largest in the country. Visit for authentic food and shops.
  • Land's End + The Labyrinth - A unique coastal park with trails and views to last an afternoon.


  • Bring layers. San Francisco barely has year-round seasons, though sometimes it feels like every season is compacted into one day. Especially at this time of year, chilly mornings can lead to sweaty afternoons if you aren't prepared. Always carry a light jacket or sweater if you plan on being out all day. You will not regret it.
  • Save your money. It is no mystery that San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in America. I felt my bank account burning, and I'm from New York. Before you go, take the time to consciously save some money to avoid feeling drained of your funds. Thankfully getting around the city is relatively cheap -- Uber/Lyft rides are very reasonable, and walking is obviously free of charge and amazing exercise.
  • Prepare for lines. As in any major city, the most popular spots can have quite hefty lines. Almost every restaurant and ice cream shop I mentioned above had at least a 20-min wait when we arrived, so plan accordingly. Fortunately I can say that every single wait was worth it.
Where are you headed this summer? Let me know!


  1. Beautiful photographs, Christina! Hope you enjoyed your California stay. LA should definitely also be on your list :D


  2. What a beautiful place! Last time I was in San Fo, I was only 8 years old. Would love to go back again.


  3. San Fran is one of my favorite cities in the world! Amazing photos!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx, Kris


  4. Wow, San Francisco looks amazing. Your photos are stunning as always.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Her Hive

  5. what a fun trip, babe! I loved your photos and omg THE FOOD it looks so yumm.

    xo | Cindy Elena

  6. Sounds fabulous. I keep your tips in mind, I will be in SF in October :-)
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Love, Esther


  7. I love California, but haven't made it yet to San Francisco. Would love to make it happen one of these days. Your photos are so stunning.


  8. You make me wanna go back :) So pretty pictures x

    Pink Frenzy

  9. Wow, so beautiful! Trust you had a great time.

    Funmi x

  10. These pictures look so beautiful, love how sunny it looks. The architectural style of the buildings is pretty great too. Of course, the food looks so so yummy. I'm sure you had an amazing time, it sure does look like it from the pictures! xx

    Coco Bella Blog 

  11. San Francisco is really beautiful, want to try their food.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  12. Love the blog, especially the pictures. Love how you’ve seprated the experience carefully into segments. Really excited to visit. (Keep travelling yourself!!) ..Any other event space NYC has you'd like to recommend (If you have some in mind?)

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