Paint it Red

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tank & necklace c/o Style Lately (here) | Forever 21 jacket, skirt, & heels | Prada sunglasses

Hi there! I apologize for being slightly delayed with this week's posts! I celebrated my second anniversary with my boyfriend last weekend and decided to take a brief break from shooting. On the bright side, I have a lot planned for the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned :)

Today I'm styling a graphic tank and triangle necklace from Style Lately, an online-only store created by Megan from Style'd Avenue. The top represents three of a girl's weaknesses: lipstick, heels, and late nights. What better way to style this personality piece than with an even bolder color palette? This is my first time attempting a red monochrome outfit, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Side tip: when pairing red-on-red, try matching the shades as closely as possible. Don't be afraid to be bold!

For this look I also tried to create a balanced mix of edgy and feminine pieces. I love the contrast between the zipper details on the moto jacket and the girly flared skirt. This combination is a perfect representation of my personal style. Which one are you -- edgy or girly?


  1. You pull off a red leather jacket quite perfectly! And pairing it with the red skirt was a great idea and I definitely see the feminine and the edginess in your outfit. I am girly :)

  2. Stunning Christina! Love that graphic top!
    Have an amazing weekend love.


  3. So fab!! Love the boldness of the red! You styled this outfit perfectly <3

    P.S - I want that jacket so much! Can't stop staring at it.

    1. Aw thanks so much! I got it on sale at Forever 21 a while ago, but I'm sure they have more updated red leather jackets!

  4. all read looks beautiful on you!

  5. The red pieces are so lovely and your legs are amazing :) Such a beauty!

  6. You look gorgeous in red Christina! And congratulations on your anniversary, wishing you guys the best and many more years to come! :)

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