Summer Wish List ft. Sheinside

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June! I cannot believe how quickly this year is passing by. Naturally, with every new season I can't help but think about how my wardrobe will change accordingly. As a full-time intern, however, I can't always find the time to shop at the mall. Luckily there are fabulous websites like SheInside that fulfill my shopping addict needs.

I've compiled a collage of some of my summer favorites from SheInside below. Click the links in the list underneath to shop for yourself as well!

  • Because every girl needs that fiery red standout piece.
2. Cat Eye Sunglasses
  • The attitude accessory.
3. Yellow Twist Necklace
  • I love this color paired with black. Plus, the clunky knot design is just fantastic.
4. Black Lace Shorts
  • Sleepwear-chic means comfort all day. 
5. Cow Print Shorts
  • I saw these on one of my favorite blogs, I Dress Myself, a while ago and still haven't forgotten about how perfect this print is. It's probably about time I purchase them for myself. 
    • I've been trying to stray away from my simplistic color palette, and this print reminds me of my recent trip to the beautiful San Juan.
    7. Black Off Shoulder Top
    • A simple piece that can be worn in a variety of ways.

    Let me know what is on your summer wish list in the comments below!
    Thanks for stopping by, and I'll talk to you soon!

    This post is part of a collaboration with SheInside. All opinions are my own; I was not given any verbiage by Sheinside to follow.


    1. The red jumpsuit is simply adorable! I love it!

      1. Agreed!! I need bolder pieces like it!

    2. I'm waiting for my red jumpsuit to come in from ASOS!! Crossing my fingers and hoping it fits! Have a beautiful week, Christina!

      witsicle - a life & style blog

      1. I can't wait to see it!! I'm always so hesitant about ASOS sizing but their pieces are too cute to resist!

    3. Cute picks babe! I love the printed dress! The palm trees make me so happy... :)


      1. Thanks girl!! I miss seeing palm trees!

    4. Such pretty choices babe! I love all of these but the red jumpsuit is just gorgeous and definitely my favourite!

      I only just found your twitter btw! Just started mine not long ago but looking for lots of lovely fashionistas to follow :D mines @gabbytweets_

      Have a lovely day, looking forward to reading more of your posts! :) x

    5. Cute off the shoulder top!


    6. Lovely selection! You have great taste <3 My fave is that GORGEOUS red lace jumpsuit!

      1. Thanks Kylie! It's one of my favorites as well!

    7. The red jumpsuit I must have! It is gorgeous! great post!

      love always,


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